Top 5 Books For Teens

Madi Kraemer, Editor

Top 5 Books You Should Read As A Teenager


If you love to read, and you want to change your perspective, these five books are for you. Some will intrigue rather than teach morals, but within each and every unique book you will find true greatness. Whether you’re into science fiction or romance, it’s all in the following article!

#1- The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

The Fault In Our Stars is an eye-opening book about a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Hazel attends a cancer support group, and though she’s not a fan of the idea, it leads her to Augustus “Gus” Waters. Gus and Hazel share many memories with one another throughout the novel, creating a heart-warming atmosphere for anyone reading. This book not only teaches those about appreciation, young love and not taking anything for granted, but also about overcoming isolation while demonstrating courage.


#2- Paper Towns By John Green

Following the previous book, John Green also wrote Paper Towns. This book revolves around the story of Quentin, who is an intelligent individual who often spends time with his two best friends. His neighbor, Margo, is a popular, unique character who used to sneak in his window at night. However, the questionable disappearance of Margo leads Quentin to solving this mystery. His journey of finding and understanding Margo is the main conflict in this book. It shows the true influence everyone has on love, friends, and family. 

#3- Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling

If you are looking for a longer series of books to read that include the tales of a magical hero, (and you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades,the Harry Potter books are the one for you! It all started with an orphan boy, named Harry, finding out he was the son of two powerful wizards. He eventually possesses unique abilities of his own. As he lives with his parents’ cruel family, Harry receives an invitation to Hogwarts, and English boarding school for wizards. At Hogwarts Harry meets his lifelong best friends. Throughout each book, there is a new mystery to be solved. Harry and his best friends often go on incredible adventures with one another whilst solving each mystery. The stories of Harry Potter guide the audience along during his hardships, difficult adventures, bravery, and creating a family of his own. 

#4- We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

We Were Liars is narrated by the main character of the book, Cadence. Cadence is a part of the Sinclairs, a wealthy and quite imperfect family. Cadence and the rest of the Sinclair family spend every summer on their private island. However, one summer, Cadence suffers from a head injury, which causes her to forget almost everything from the trip. She finds it odd, though, when none of her family members will tell her what has happened. As the novel continues, she goes to the island again the following summer, and she slowly regains her memory. This suspenseful book really grabs your attention and makes you want to never put it down.

#5- A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson

This story starts with one high schooler, Pippa, and the popular murder case of her small town. The police have had a man in jail for over five years now as the murderer of schoolgirl Andie Bell, but Pippa isn’t so sure they have the right guy. She then chooses this intriguing case as her topic for her final project (graduation project). As Pippa digs deeper into the case, she discovers secrets that someone doesn’t want anyone else to know. The problem is… if the real killer is still in town, trying to stay hidden, how far will this murderer go to keep Pip away from what really happened?