Supporting Local Means Skate Shops, Too

Skateboarding is so popular in recent years it’s even been featured in the 2022 Olympics. Businesses like Zumiez, Amazon, and Walmart have had great success selling skateboards, but what does this mean for your local shop?

TikTok played a big role in the recent interest spike in skateboarding and other related activities. 

As a result, more people are getting into skateboarding. Great! But contrary to before, many of them shop for supplies at Zumiez online store. With the creation of online skate shops, local shops struggle to make ends meet and sell products like in the past. 

Local skate shops were once a place kids hung around and went to often, but now, if someone wants to get into skating or update equipment, they just jump online and order a board.

While this is efficient and gives a big selection, you miss most of the aesthetic that comes with going to a skate shop. Also, when you buy from a store like Zumiez local shops lose their support and popularity.

Shopping locally is very beneficial because the employees can help you find the right size board for you and even help pick your hardwear. Talking to an experienced skateboarder is extremely helpful for new skaters to start off. 

Another advantage to stopping by to support your local shop is the quality you receive, ¨These local skate shops are often created by skateboarders and like to offer smaller brands that are higher quality. For instance, you won’t find Revive Skateboards in Walmart, or Force Wheels in Target. But, many skate shops are offering these brands across the United States,” said

While online and other options are convenient, beginners should start with good equipment, which they are both more likely to find locally and learn about from an experienced skater.  

Everyone knows skating alone is no fun, skate shops create a fun and safe learning environment.

 Elijah Gudeman, a local skateboarder, said,  ¨Skate shops often support the community through events like contests; without these it would be significantly harder to get events up and running.¨ He also included, ¨shops are a place to bring skaters together and if those shops close down we will lose those places in our community.”

It might already be too late to save local skate shops, the closest shop to Fawn Grove or Stewartstown is in york so it’s not exactly local.