Job Searching

Cody Joines, Reporter

High school is a good time to start searching for a job, because high school flies by and then you’re  a senior and you have to figure out what you are going to do for the rest of your life.

Of course students think about it, but it’s really an important time for them to start doing actual research and making real plans for their future.

First, you have to figure out what you like doing, like your hobbies.  Do you work with your hands or do you like to sit in an office all day? Do you enjoy animals or would you rather spend your time among humans?

After you’ve determined an industry or track, you’ll want to determine if you need any additional schooling? Is a college degree really necessary? 

Most of the fastest growing and most lucrative jobs are in the trades.

A trade job is a profession that requires advanced training and skills. Rather than preparing for your career through a bachelor’s degree, you typically attend a trade or technical school.

Why should students look into trades?  “For years, counselors, teachers, and parents  coached students to attend four year colleges, but this left a lot of openings in the trades. In addition, careers in the trades cannot be outsourced (or just done by a machine) so they can be a viable career path for many people.”

What resources exist to help students research different trades?  “First, of course, are their school counselors who have a variety of resources. In addition, students explore careers including the trades through Smart Futures from elementary school through high school–a program that guidance oversees.”

“York County Alliance for Learning (YCAL), also offers a variety of programs including career exploration days in a variety of areas including  the trades. Students can check out YCAL’s website,”

In addition, there are various other sites to explore on the KD School Counseling website.

  Other options for a student who is interested in the trades but doesn’t know which one?  Interview professionals in the field, set up a shadowing day, or register for a YCAL Career Exploration Program.

 If you’re still interested in pursuing a trade, but not sure which one, you could try this quiz and see what you get. It might point you towards the perfect career path.