A Review on Yeat’s 2alivë Deluxe Album

Noah Roach , Reporter

On February 18, Yeat released his anticipated album 2 Alivë, that went number one in the world on Apple music.

Multiple teasers for a deluxe version of the album somehow increased the hype and left more people waiting for new music from Yeat. Teasers included a feature from Lil Uzi Vert; Yeat’s post showed  him playing the song while driving.

More than a month later, Interscope Records released Yeat’s 2 Alivë Geek Pack on the night of March 31, a nine song extension to the 20 song album. While fans rushed to get the additional songs, some of them had already been released unofficially through leaks.

The Spotify page for this release shows the entirety of 2 Alivë, with the first added track being “Big tonka” with Lil Uzi Vert. This is my favorite song that was added on the deluxe. It’s a strong start, and Uzi’s work on this is some of the best he’s put out in recent years. 

Yeat’s collaboration tracks with Lil Uzi have been widely talked about, with Yeat being the biggest artist out of a new generation and Uzi being the most successful out of the “soundcloud rap” generation.

The next song, “Kant rëlax”  has the strongest beat choice of the album, a high pitched synth lead echoes through the entirety of the track. Combined with aggressive 808 patterns and a flow that stays on top of each beat, it shows itself as a real gem from this project. 

Track 3, “No commëntis a cool switch in sound compared to the songs mentioned before; a relaxed 808 melody plays through the entirety of it. This one is probably my third favorite out of the nine released.

Track 4, “3G” is the second Lil Uzi Vert feature from the project; I don’t think it delivers as much as the first one did. Yeat and Uzi do their work on it; they sound natural together, but it doesn’t carry the energy that “Big tonka” did. 

“Nëw turban”, track 5, was one of the songs that leaked before its official release, meaning that someone in Yeat’s circle is most likely selling the unreleased music to fan pages and/or selling them on online auctions.

“Hatër” is the 6 track, and it comes in strong with heavy and distorted 808s with Yeat’s vocals adding onto the sample for the beat. Yeat shows some of his rapping ability on this track, something that his more popular songs often overshadow.  

I believe the 7 track, “Way back” serves as the interlude out of the nine songs; the pace of the instrumental slows the most I’ve heard out of Yeat’s discography. This song has piercing hi-hats that make the instrumental notable. 

“Luv monëy” is the 8 added track, a collaboration with East London artist Lancey Foux. This collaboration was teased on Lancey’s Instagram story a few weeks before the tape’s released. 

“Dub”the final added song on 2 Alivë, is another song that had previously leaked. This song is notable for its odd hook, with Yeat mentioning laundromats and lumberjacks. This received attention on TikTok, with multiple viral videos being made with Yeat’s audio acting as the sound.