Are Dip Or Acrylic Nails Healthier?

Madi Kraemer, Reporter

Most people who receive a manicure daily are eager to know what the safest product is for their natural nail bed. While some can argue that acrylic is damaging to your nails compared to dip, the fact is that acrylic is no more harmful than a dip. 

Dip nails is referring to a plain powdered product that your nail is dipped in after applying a bonding liquid to your natural nails. 

This process can be done with or without nail extension tips. 

Whereas, acrylic nails are done by taking a brush, dipping it in monomer, and then putting that brush gently into the acrylic powder to create a bead. This bead is then placed on the nail with the brush and applied evenly until the whole nail is covered in acrylic. 

Now, the real question is… are either of them more beneficial than the other?

Individuals like to automatically assume dip nails are overall better for the health of the natural nail; however, acrylic powder and dip powder are the same exact product. 

Sophomore Tierney Brown said, “I thought that dip was more healthy, but I like acrylic nails better”.

They are just applied in different ways.

The reality is when you take off a set of acrylic or dip nails the improper way it does cause damage to the nail bed tremendously. When removing acrylic nails, they should be soaked off rather than ripped off. 

There’s a huge difference between ripping off the nails and soaking them off.

Sophomore Savannah Taylor said, “I never thought that ripping off my nails was such a big deal in the nail community. I do see some of the indents on my nails from damage because of previous acrylic sets”.

Another factor that comes into play is the misunderstanding about what products nail salons use and what they should be using.

Ethyl methacrylate (EMA) monomer is what nail salons should use; yet they don’t. It makes it not only easier to soak off a set of acrylics properly, but it’s safe for your nails as a whole.

This is what typical nail salons use for acrylic nails, which then leads to clients assuming acrylic is ultimately bad for your nails. 

Methylmethacrylate (MMA) monomer is damaging to your nails. It can cause yellowing, irritation of the skin on and around the nails, and air blockages to where your nails cannot breathe. 

So, no, there is no difference between acrylic and dip nails. If anything, acrylic is the better option when choosing a product for your nails due to the lack of lifting (which makes it easier for a nail to pop off), the substantial amount of creativity you can account for, and less damaging products. 

However, you need to consider the fact that nail salons are hiding many things from you. They may state their products are the best of service, yet it’s not always that way.