Landscaping Equipment

Cody Joines , Reporter

Now that summer is close and the grass is growing, people are getting  mowers ready for the summer so they can mow. But a mower is an expensive investment, so it’s important to do your research.

Some people find landscaping a daunting task, so they hire a company. Working for a landscaping company is a good summer job for students.  

But, there are some things to learn before you hop on a mower.  

You are more than likely to be working with people rather than by yourself, but the more people the better because you can go through all the yards faster than if you were by yourself. 

The best mowers for landscaping are probably zero turn mowers.  Depending on the ones you get they can have up to 36 hp.  The more hp you have the faster the blades turn and the easier and better the blades will cut. 

You might ask why don’t you use the regular riding mower?  Well, they are a lot slower than zero turns.  They have a lot less hp and can’t turn as sharp as the zero turns. 

Zero turns are a lot more expensive than riding mowers but zero turns are worth it.  A brand new zero turn is around $17,000 and a brand new riding mower is around $3,500.

When having a small yard it is good to have a push mower because it is small.  But when having a bigger yard it is good to have either a riding mower or zero turn. 

Now, when it comes to getting the best weed whacker it all depends on the weight and the motor. Stihl string trimmers are very good, but they weigh a lot more than others.  Weight difference is one to two pounds.  A Stihl motor has more hp, so it turns faster and cuts better. 

Stihl has more hp than others, which is good because you can use them for cutting bigger plants or small trees.  The average price of a Stihl string trimmer is anywhere from $150.00 to $200.00.  

There are a bunch of other brands of weed whackers like Echo, Craftsman, and briggs and stratton. 

When it comes to leaf blowers you have a lot to choose from.  The best ones allow you to wear it like a backpack; this helps because it has a bigger motor than the regular ones and it can blow harder. 

The backpack blowers are roughly around $350.00 and handheld ones are between $100.00 to $150.00.  The only problem of having a backpack blower is the price and the weight. 

I recommend one brand and it is Stihl.  They are expensive but they are worth the money. 

This equipment is the basic necessities of landscaping. You need gas tanks so you can fill up your equipment.  Need a trailer to haul all the equipment.  Also a bucket with just oil and tools like hammers or screwdrivers or tire plugs because sometimes your tire pops and you need to fix it.