Baseball Senior Night

Peyton Parks, Sports Editor

As the baseball season draws to a close it’s traditional to celebrate the current senior players in the form of senior night.  

Credit to Megan Smith for the photos.

After a disappointing season, this year’s seniors prevailed and have made it to the end. This year’s seniors are: Jacob Boardwine, Dylan Boswell, Wade Kaminski, Hank Leighty, Travis Nelson, Peyton Parks and Toby Young. All seven seniors have played baseball in their four years as Rams. 

To begin the night the seniors were individually introduced by junior Koy Swanson and had their future plans and favorite memories announced over the loudspeaker.

Some of the memories were funny/embarrassing ones such as Kaminski’s memory of him slipping rounding first base in the May game against Susquehannock.

As a result of senior acknowledgements, the mood was good for the Rams  before the game as the dugout was loose and filled with hope of beating the Littlestown Thunderbolts.

Come game time the Rams had a quick inning in the first as freshman Micah Smith got the start for the team.

Unfortunately, the season long woes continued for the Rams as the Thunderbolts struck for 5 runs in the second inning. The pitching steadily continued to be strong for the Thunderbolts as pitcher Colby Hahn had four strikeouts through two innings.

Finally, the Rams broke into the hit column as shortstop Travis Nelson singled on a ball to left field and proceeded to steal second base.

After the shaky second inning, Smith settled into the game as he had back to back 1,2,3 innings in the third and fourth. 

In the fifth the Thunderbolts stretched their lead to 6-0 as centerfielder Brandon Clabaugh shot a single to left field to score Hahn.

Finally, in the 6th inning, the Rams broke their way onto the scoreboard as Nelson knocked in second baseman Toby Young off of an error by the shortstop Peart.

The Thunderbolts simply did not step off the gas as they added another three runs in the top of the sixth inning. Although, the Rams kept the game in reach as they rallied to add two more runs themselves to cut the lead to 9-3 Thunderbolts.

The final score for the game was a 9-3 loss for the Rams as the game ended in disappointing fashion for the seniors this year. Luckily, the Rams still have five more games as the seven seniors continue their last high school season and hope to leave their mark in the baseball program.