Drive Your Tractor to School Day

Ashley Donahue, Social Media Reporter

Tired of driving your car to school everyday? The ‘drive your tractor to school’ event allowed students to drive their farming mobiles to school instead. 

On May 17, six students drove their tractors–both big and small–to school. Classes were running on a two hour delay schedule, meaning they all drove in around 9:25 a.m. 

The seniors that participated in this were: Jake Boardwine, Sydney Fowler, John Hostler, Jefferey Mathena, Samuel Reichert, Natalie Rigney,and Travis Ward. Only seniors were allowed to participate.

Senior advisor Barb Peterson was in charge of this event, and she instructed participating students that they all were to meet at the nearby church. However, some students had tractor complications and had to meet them at Rutters. 

Boardwine drove a Craftsman lawn mower, he was the only one to bring a lawn mower to this event. 

“My only complaint was the lack of precipitation by my fellow classmates, as there was only six of us that signed up,” said Boardwine. 

Typically, this day is a lot more popular and seniors look forward to participating. This year, very few participated.

“Less kids participated than before, I feel like it was a bigger event my freshman year,” said senior Jack Marsjanik. 

Some think this may be due to lack of advertising for the event.

Overall, all of those who chose to participate had a great time and would recommend it to future senior classes.