The Velo Farm


Peyton Parks, Sports Editor

From being called a Sandlot and a Field of Dreams, Velo Farm owner Ryan Stinar has built it, and athletes have come.

Tucked away in the woods of Harford County, Maryland is a hidden diamond. As you go down the mile-long driveway, you come to an old farmhouse with a secret in the backyard: a full-size baseball field.

A small barn to the left of the field may look like a simple barn, but this barn is a full gym filled with barbells, dumbbells, and all the training equipment aspiring collegiate baseball players could need.

When The Velo Farm owner Stinar began this facility in 2017, never did he think it would grow to the popularity it has grown to. As of now, the farm’s Instagram has amassed 46,000 followers (@thevelofarm). 

Stinar attended the University of Albany and majored in documentary studies. At Albany, Stinar played baseball all four years. Post-graduation he went on to intern at popular baseball training facility Driveline Baseball stationed in Kent, Washington. 

Due to an arm injury in college, Stinar put his aspirations of playing in the major leagues on hold while he heals.

When Stinar’s parents purchased their farm it had been abandoned and left for years. They came to the farm with no farming experience, but now they own pigs, goats, and chickens. It is also a working farm, with sales from eggs and other items.

Some of the best baseball players from Maryland have trained here with multiple division 1 baseball commits, including Jake Wyant who is attending Auburn, and Liam Deihl who will attend High Point University along with many more.

What makes The Velo Farms training like no one else’s is the grit the farm provides–with no comfortable air conditioned training facility or perfectly clean equipment. The farm is the epitome of grit; with a slogan of ‘Drink from the Hose’ you expect it to be hard work.

A benefit to the farm would be how you work out and train in the summer heat. When playing baseball, you won’t be in an air-conditioned training facility, you’ll be in the summer heat. The farm ultimately prepares you for the weather.

A testament to the farm would be Brian

Shaffer who now plays for the minor league affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays. 

Anyone that is in high school or even college looking to step up their game to the next level should definitely look into this great facility. More information is available at