How to Hygge

Gracelyn Shrewsbury, Reporter

Love the feeling of being cozy? That feeling you get when you have a soft blanket by a warm fireplace with your favorite drink? This is what old Norwegians would call “hygge” (hoo-guh). 

According to Country Living, “Hygge is a Danish concept [that] cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.”

Here are a few tips and tricks to give this atmosphere to any environment. These will guide you to keep your heart happy and your mind at peace. 

Step one is warm lighting. It is needed to give the space a relaxing ambiance to set the mood. 

According to Rise, the yellow color of the sun represents joy and happiness. For this reason, yellow light has been clinically used to treat depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

To achieve this goal, invest in soft white light bulbs, light-emitting diode(LED) strip lights, twinkle lights, or simply lighting your favorite candle. 

A comfortable place to sit and relax is key to making inner peace. This makes warm bedding a  must for a hygge space. 

You can achieve this by finding blankets and pillows with warm tones to allow your heart and mind to relax. Investing in blankets and pillows with different textures while having the same color can give your room an abstract feel.  

According to St-Petersburg, “A cozy, light and eco-friendly bedroom is the key to a wonderful and comfortable sleep, which is extremely necessary for our body.”

The best blanket materials include cotton, cashmere, wool, and polyester. Although, you should avoid sherpa material because it can get matted easily and is more prone to get things stuck in it. 

If you also want to keep your nose happy, a good scent will be the cherry on top of your hygge space. You can achieve this by investing in candles, a wax melter, odor-eliminator sprays, and incense. 

According to CAANdesign, “research has it, therapeutic scents like rosemary, lavender, jasmine, lemon, and cinnamon can help promote relaxation. Some of these go a long way in alleviating stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.” 

To reduce odor, refrain from having dirty or damp towels, clothes, and bedding in your room. You can do this by keeping up with your room, make it a goal to clean up once a week! 

Another way to have a fresh-smelling room is to crack a window open once in a while and let some fresh air in! This will both air out your room, and provide a temperature that is perfect to snuggle up with a blanket.