Best Underground Rap Producers

Ian Navarro, Reporter

There are many amazing producers and artists emerging from the underground rap genre called “Plugg”. 

Plugg is mainly characterized by instrumentals with minimalistic but fast drum patterns, heavy hitting 808s, and airy pads and synths. 

Plugg emerged into the underground rap scene in the mid 2010s, and Plugg artists used the streaming service Soundcloud to push out their music to the public. 

It was an instant hit with the youth. 

Plugg started to gain attention in the mainstream in 2015-2016, which is considered the “Golden Age of Soundcloud” by many. 

Producers such as MexikoDro and Zaytoven were the early pioneers of Plugg. They collaborated with artists such as Playboi Carti and Slime Dollaz to create the early sound.

As the years have gone on, the genre has shaped itself into many different styles. Sub genres of Plugg include: Dark Plugg, Evilplugg, Hyper Plugg, and Pluggnb. 

Plugg has been a genre for long enough now that the producers can be rated Benjicold.

5. Benjicold

Coming in at number five is  Benjicold. He is a profound member of the producer collective Surreal World which holds a roster of producers.

Benjicold has worked with some big names such as: Summrs, Autumn!, and SSGKobe.

His producing features hard 808s, slow hi-hat rolls, angelic leads, and playful drum patterns. 

Some of Benjicolds best work can be heard on Dior by Okaymar and Kankan, and Too Much by Kankan.

4. Thrillboy

Thrillboy is another member of the collective Surreal World.

Thrillboy has produced for artists such as: Kankan, Autumn, Summrs, Izaya Tiji, and more. 

His production features aggressive drum patterns, atmospheric leads, peaceful piano leads, and fast hi-hat and snare rolls. Thrillboys’ beats can vary in genre from trap to Pluggnb.

Some of my personal favorite Thrillboy beats can be heard on New Dior by Kankan, Company! and Watanabe! By Autumn!

3. Jake Hansen

Jake Hansen is fairly new to the underground scene, but his beats sound as if he has been producing his whole life. 

Hansen produces for rappers like Okaymar, 1oneam, and Smokingskul. His production style leans more towards Dark Plugg and Regalia. 

Hansen’s beats usually sound very aggressive and dark, with beat that feature ominous sounding lead pads and scattered drums.

Some of his best produced songs are “Lab” and “Triller” by Okaymar, and “Bad Business” by 1oneam.

2. TDF

TDF is another fairly new producer but his beats are truly a work of art.

TDF has worked with the likes of Okaymar,Loneam, Smokingskul, and Ohsxnta. 

His production is very diverse from Dark Plugg, Hyperplugg, and Regalia.

TDF beats include constant and loud 808s, slow drums, and upbeat synth leads. TDF uses samples from video games and TV shows such as Minecraft, Mario, and Regular Show, which sets his beats apart from everyone else. 

Some of TDF’s best work can be heard on Undercover and Elegance by Okaymar, and Puppet by 1oneam.

1. Twentywrld

Twentywrld, in my opinion, is the best plugg producer. 

He has worked with artists such as Iayze, 1oneam, Okaymar, and Smokingskul. 

It is hard to pinpoint which genre Twentywrld falls under, but most of his beats have an Ambient Plugg sound with Dark Plugg-like drums. 

Compared to the others in the Plugg scene Twenty has a very calm producing style, but that is what sets him apart. 

Some of his best beats can be heard on Clues09 by ohsxnta and Ha Ha, Toy Story, and The Rest by 1oneam.