Bowling starts season with all new faces

Lola Heike, Reporter

Bowling has begun its sixth year after losing six seniors from their previous season, with only one returning.

Last year’s team had seven players and their record was 4-3, with star players being junior Casey Jones and now graduate Tim Mcnamer.

“We were very successful, we qualified for Regionals for the first time in the history of our program,” said head Coach Joel Logan.

Jones is the only person returning this season leading a novice group of 12

This year’s practice focuses on spare shooting, since Logan said, “ since that is a weakness this season.”

Looking towards the season, Logan said that their toughest competitors are Central and Spring Grove.

“They were co-champions of the league last year and they have an impressive depth of field in terms of talent. I am incredibly proud of our team since most of our teams are made up of bowlers who only started bowling since joining the team. Spring Grove and Central have bowlers who grew up in youth programs. That is true of less than half of our overall team,” said Logan.

This year, Logan said that their varsity stars are: Caleb Parker, Nathan Short, Nick Gaumer, Josh O’Leary, and Jones.

The number of games in a season can fluctuate; this year the team is planning on 12 matches, and each match has three game contests.

So, this year the team will bowl 36 games in competition with hopes of attending regionals again.

The season has had some big surprises so far, with rookie player Josh O’Leary earning 195 so far.

In the first week of the season, they were 1:1, but now there 3:3.

Logan began coaching in 1991, where he had to take his bowling wisdom and experience and apply it to a high school bowling team.

“I started coaching in youth bowling programs in 1991. Coaching in a bowling center as coach to all the youth is different from coaching for one team. I credit three decades of coaching with knowing how to make non-bowlers into bowling athletes, but I had to learn a lot of the things that go into coaching a high school sport in the background,” said Logan.