Course Scheduling Begins January 26

Lola Heike, Reporter

With the help of their teachers and guidance counselors, students will choose their classes for next year beginning on January 26. 

In a couple of weeks, students will be getting an email with a course selection handbook as well as the digital course selection sheet. 

Students will complete the selection sheet, but they will then print it out and get their parent/guardians’ signature before turning it into the guidance office.

The final date to turn in your course selection sheet is February 3. 

Last month, administration went through a final review of the course catalog; teachers and administration review it every year making updates. 

The course catalog is the number one source students and their parents should go to for information.

Parents/Guardians and students can review the catalog here

When asked, freshman Emily Bennett said that she feels alright about the course selection and that the practice sheets are helping. 

The catalog has all the information about all of the classes that are going to be offered the next school year. It also identifies the weight and length of the class, as some classes are just a semester-long.  

Junior Margo Chennell said, “Yeah, yeah it helps, it has a variety of courses and classes that are explained thoroughly, and it’s super easy to tell what is what.”

But every year there are some classes that are not offered; this is due to a low number of students picking the class. 

It’s really not known when the class will be offered in consecutive or alternative years until students make selections for classes or departments update curriculum. 

Teachers will recommend the level for the next school year, but you and your parents make the final decision. 

If you’re also thinking about moving up in levels, you’ll need to talk to your teacher, your counselor, and your parents. And it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the teacher who teaches that level as well. 

Taking time to choose courses correctly is important. 

While choosing your classes you need to think about the required credits you need to have in order to graduate. But if you are nervous about the credits you can talk to guidance for help.

Be sure to read the descriptions offered in the course catalog, especially for electives that you are unfamiliar with.

When choosing classes, really make sure you want to take the class, since it may be nearly impossible to change classes if you don’t want it the next year. 

If you have any questions about classes you could also talk to upperclassmen who already took the class. Of course you can talk to your teacher, and if you still have questions you should talk to your counselor. 

Course selection happens in the middle of the year due to the long planning that goes into it. If they made it any later, say May, it wouldn’t be done in time for the upcoming school year.