Senior Night for the Lady Rams


Skylar Fincher-Butler, Reporter

On February 1, the girl’s basketball team had their senior night, then went on to win against the Christian School of York (CSY) in a competitive final game for seniors who won 32 to 24.  


Of the eleven on the varsity basketball team, eight are seniors: Allyson Eaton, Bella Huber, Amaya Jones, Bridget Kilgore, Abigail McCarthy, Molly McCarthy, Jenna Morris, and Isabella Portello. 


At 6:45 p.m. the team began their senior celebrations in which each senior from the team walked down the gym with their parent(s) while the sports announcer read a speech about their years of basketball. They were met in the center of the floor by team members who presented them with flowers, hugs, and a few tears. 


The game started shortly after 7:00 p.m. after warm-ups, which consisted of different passing and shooting drills. 


Starting lineup for the game consisted of senior players: Morris, Portello, Molly McCarthy, Abigail McCarthy, and Jones. The game began with Morris jumping but missing the tip-off. 


In the first minute and fifteen seconds of the second quarter, junior Lizzy Price made a shot and a layup two minutes later making the score 12-3. Shortly after, CSY got a breakaway followed by a layup and a foul shot, which put them at 6 points on the scoreboard.  

Freshman Ella Dunbar of the lady rams shot and scored a three-point lay-up for the home team bringing them 9 points above their opponent. 


The lady rams continued to light up the scoreboard when Abigail McCarthy made a layup making the score 17-6. 


After a few minutes of back-and-forth play between the two teams, the lady defenders made an impressive combination of another layup, followed by a foul shot and a jump shot, bringing the opposing team up to 11 points in the last minute and a half.


In the remaining three seconds of the game of the fourth quarter, Huber secured two foul shots ending the quarter at 19-11, with the Rams in the lead. There were a total of three fouls called on the home team and four on CSY. 


The second half of the game started with the lady rams in possession of the ball, and only a minute in, sophomore Lizzy Price both scored layups for the home team, which was followed by CSY with a shot and a foul shot attempt making the score  23-15, rams.


For the remainder of the third quarter, both teams continued to rack up the points, but the lady rams remained in the lead by 11 points.


In the final quarter, Huber made a foul shot, bumping the rams up to 30 points, but the defenders countered with a three-point shot as well as a foul shot bringing the score to 32-24.


To maintain their safe lead, the lady rams ran the clock by passing the ball over and over again without going for any shots. 


On the heels of a win, Jones said, “If you ask other people, they would probably answer that we came a long way from only winning two or three games, in prior seasons, but personally, I think our upperclassmen and underclassmen relationships was our biggest team growth. This year, we really became like a family.”