Outstanding Start to the Year for Football

Michael Zabkowski, Reporter

The Varsity football team is doing really well for the first time in a long time. Even though they have only played three games so far, the team has won two games and lost only one. Compared to previous years, this is a great start to the season.

Many people think that the students have built up the hype too much, and think that the team’s season will falter. I think that this might be our best year in a while, but time will tell.

Our best year might not qualify as being the best high school football team ever, but the team has already won more games than we have last year and we are only going into week four.

In week one, the team played at Pequea Valley, who was 4-6 last year, and the Varsity team got revenge from the awful loss last season. Last year, Pequea Valley was good, or maybe we were just that bad. This year is a new year and that means a fresh start, a blank slate, to forget last season.

By week two, the team faced off against Hanover, who was 5-5 last year, and has pretty much always beat the Varsity team. That was no different this year as they gave the team their only loss of the season so far.

But, last week, we played York Tech, who was also 4-6, and Varsity football teams here have always played close games with them. This year, we won big at York Tech, 30-6.

As we look at the rest of the season, some think that there aren’t many opportunities to win more games, but I strongly feel that this will be our best year in a while, because there is a different buzz and excitement about the football team.

I think that the different buzz is a good thing, because I think that the players feel like they have our full support. Coming into week four with two wins already, the optimism is sky high for our team.  

Which brings us to today: September 22. We face York Suburban, who was 8-2 last year and lost their only tournament game, in our first home game of the year. Many people are feeling confident about the game. I have heard people say that they have really good chances of winning that game.

According to football player Tanner Harkins, this will be a good game.

I think that there are a lot of improvements to the team. My guess would be that the coach is getting the players more prepared for games. Also, the players probably feel like they have our support so that makes them feel more confident.

Our week five opponent, on September 29, is West York, who was 2-8 last year. That will be the Varsity team’s fourth away game of the first five weeks this season, and I believe that our chances of winning that game are pretty good considering their record last year.

For the second game at Rams Stadium, Dover, who was 4-6 last year, comes to town on October 6. Dover has only won one game so far this season, against Red Land High School. They have suffered two losses to Shippensburg, 35-26, and to Steel- High, 44-26.

Then on October 13, we play at Gettysburg, who was 6-4 last year. Already, I have heard football players talk about how good Gettysburg is. Gettysburg has a solid record in local football, but you never know, our team could put up a good fight. My reason for thinking that we could put up a good fight is that we have a lot more confidence so far this season.

The last three games of the year, the Varsity team plays at home. Eastern York, Susquehannock, and Columbia are the last three opponents that they will face this season.

Eastern York, who was 4-6 last season, will come to Rams Stadium on October 20.

The team will face Susquehannock on October 27 at Rams Stadium, who was 3-7 last year. Many people (including myself) are looking forward to that game. That is probably the most exciting match-up of our football schedule every year because of the rivalry between the two schools (Susquehannock and us).

And to end out the year, the team plays Columbia on November 3, who was 1-9 last year. Their only win was at home on the last game of the year against the Varsity team. So, this year is shaping up to be our best year in a while, and I see three or four more wins on the schedule at least.