Power 45 Empowers the Whole School

Power 45 sounds more like a fitness program than an academic period, but I’ve found it very helpful.

The Power 45 in the high school is very helpful to many students each week.

The support period is 45 minutes added onto the end of first period on Wednesdays. This is a time where students may do work and/or go to other classes for additional help.

Many teachers welcome students to come to their rooms at their discretion during this time. The teachers understand that this is an opportunity for students to get extra help and support in their area of expertise if needed.

Students also find this period beneficial, because they are able to catch up on any missing class work or school work.

In addition, since Power 45 is built into the schedule in the middle of the week, it is convenient. It gives students the opportunity to get started on any projects assigned at the beginning of the week.

Also, it provides a break right in the middle of the week for students to be able to mentally prepare for the rest of the week if needed.

This is an added benefit for athletes, as well, because if they can’t get the work done in school, then they won’t have to stay up late after sports to finish homework.

Staff also appreciate this time because it allows for a quiet atmosphere where they can be available to students who need help and because they are able to grade and carry out other teaching responsibilities with little interruption from other teachers and students.

Not only do the teachers and students benefit from Power 45, but the Administration does as well. They can also use this time to walk around and meet with teachers and students without disrupting classes.

I hope that as the school gets comfortable with this new period that we could hopefully use this time for school groups and sports to have meetings about upcoming events.

This is very helpful because time will not be taken away from practice and meetings. The school groups and sports can focus on other things during their normal practice time.

Administration can also hold meetings during this time to prevent from taking planning periods or lunches from the teachers or interrupting classes.

Since the Power 45 is very helpful to many people in the high school, I believe that Power 45 should not only be on Wednesdays but should actually occur for two days a week.

I believe that administration should make Power 45 Tuesday’s and Thursday’s because that would allow students a break and time throughout the week.

If the Power 45 was more than one day a week, this would give students more time to be able to complete work that is assigned within the week along with meeting with teachers. Basically, all the benefits that already exist would be doubled.

The Power 45 two times a week would also alleviate more stress from the students. They will know that there are two opportunities within the week to complete any projects and/or homework in order to receive support. I know, personally, that this helps me a lot because I am able to finish any work that I need to and know that when I get home I can spend time with my family.

This also helps me because I can go to my classes that I don’t really understand and get help and support from my teachers.

I also use this period to study subjects that have tests coming up, and the Power 45 is always a quiet environment so I can focus.

Not only would I benefit from an additional Power 45 during the week, I know that many other students in my classes would take advantage of the this support period.

Personally, I feel strongly that the Power 45 benefits not only the students but the staff and administration as well. It has a positive effects on everyone in the school.