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EmiLee Doniecki, Reporter

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If you are like most people,then you’ve probably procrastinated once or twice, or a lot more.

Procrastinating is when you put off doing something or waiting until the last minute, and it’s a serious problems.

It’s not just adults Teenagers have a major problem with procrastination due to phones. According to “The Cut“, one in every five people are chronic procrastinators.

Other than using their time productively to complete assignments, teens would rather focus their attention on something more stimulating such as Fortnite, Snapchat, or Youtube videos.

But, because students prioritize technology, they wait till the last minute, which can stress them out and not get a good night’s sleep due to them being up late night trying to complete their work.

Teenagers need to break this negative habit.

If teens get into a routine of doing things late and not planning ahead of time, it can cause problems in the future.“Procrastination has kept me from doing more important things like school work.” said Emily Bohdel.

This destructive habit will only hinder them as they progress to college and graduate to the workforce. A  habit such as procrastination affects one’s performance negatively and can cause failure.“Procrastinating has set me back in a number of way, but has been very beneficial by teaching me a life lesson. Don’t do it!” said Sam Greaves.

Procrastination can lead to stress, fatigue, bad grades, and job terminations.“I always wait until the last minute and it causes stress” said Abby Shaw.

For instance, if you were to pay your rent late that lapse in responsibility can lead to being evicted.

Sometimes teenagers rush their work because they waited until the last minute, and it affects their grade negatively, since they didn’t take their time and make sure to look over it.“Procrastination has given me bad grades in the past” said Brooke Leitner.

Some tips to help overcome the urge to procrastinate are:

Putting away the phone. When you put away your phone, you will be able to reduce distractions. This is the main cause of procrastination in teens. Completing this first step will drastically improve teen productivity.

Estimate how much time a project is going to take you and plan it out over days until the deadline. Each day you complete a small portion of the assignment rather than cramming it all into one day and diminishing the quality of the assignment. This will ease the stress and produce high quality work.

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