Political Divide: “Put your pride to the side…You preside”

A writer from Harvard Business review, David A. Moss, states  “The real problem with American politics is the growing tendency among politicians to pursue victory above all else.” 

This is a huge issue, because these politicians preside over the country. The most important people in the world are stuck fighting with one another, which gets us, as a country and a people, nowhere. 

If the number one concern among politicians is winning, instead of getting things done for the greater good of this nation, then we have an evident problem. 

Yes, we’re America, and we love our competition. I can also admit that I, personally, am a sucker for a good game. But,this isn’t a game! Lives are in the balance of these politicians and their “games”. 

This isn’t about the players it’s about the fans. And as much as people love to criticize and blame the politicians, they’re not even the biggest problem. It’s us; the people. 

We need to stop treating our political affiliations as if they define us. Sure, it is great to be proud of the party and their respective beliefs, but this is not the most important thing. 

Letting our political identities cause a divide is simply ignorant. It is a fact that ones childhood environment plays a large factor in ones selection process, so why criticize and display hatred towards someone who is a different party than you, you’re really criticizing their environment.

At the end of the day, we are all under the same nation, and we say the same pledge; we are not the enemy. Let me say this again, we are not the enemy. As a country, we all need to simply stop pointing the finger and work as one–like the founding fathers (we praise and honor) intended. 

Unfortunately, we have no strong third party to keep the two-party system from increasing in strength, but the most we can do as Americans, if we truly love our country, is to accept and appreciate our differences, because that is what makes this country so great.

I encourage you to not just listen to whatever a biased CNN and Fox News analyst may say, but look at each issue from every angle and become an educated voter. Look past whatever political strategy may sound glamorous, and make a genuine effort to determine if this candidate’s promises are actually realistic. 

Instead of falling victim to letting your political affiliation define you, I encourage you to watch both sides of the story to get the whole truth, and do not just follow behind your friends and family out of fear of what they’ll think. This is called confirmation bias, which can let ignorance spread in our nation.

We hate to lose, right? Then become an educated voter and examine both sides of each issue. You will find that you can win every little political debate at Thanksgiving, and you will stop the so-called “fake news” and misinformed political rumors from spreading. 

After all, the only way we can win is by acting as one nation, regardless of political party, and become informed voters. Yes, we are not the only ones who fall victim to confirmation bias, a large majority of politicians also join a party due to their respective situations, along with the instilled mindset that their parties success is the objective. This may be the largest issue in itself. 

We are the change, it starts with the people. We can change the political narrative in the United States, if we put our pride to the side.