Life in the Fast Lane


Alumni Tiffany Mink lives a normal life as a mom on the weekdays, but on the weekends, she goes 160 mph.

Previously known as Tiffany Rappold, She graduated in 2014. Her current job is a stay at home mom and a part time construction manager. She has two kids, Jacob is one and Olivia is three

After high school she went to college and obtained a degree in science. She is currently in school for her Bachelors in Construction Management.

On the weekends, Mink goes drag racing up and down the east coast. She races a Super Comp Dragster and helps her other family members race their cars. Her car goes 160+ mph and her goal is to run at the time of 8.90 in a quarter mile.

Her grandfather has raced since he was 18 years old and has spent his time at the shop and the dragstrip. At the age of seven, she had begun cleaning parts and putting air in the tires and her knowledge has grown since. She began her racing career at eight and stuck with it, Mink said, ¨Racing is a great place to grow up with the family we have gained over the years.¨

At the beginning of her Super comp racing career, she said it was pretty intimidating to go that fast but settled in pretty quickly. Mink said, “I’m actually able to slow down and tell what is happening in the quick 8.90 second race.” 

She, personally, doesn’t make money from racing, but said if you enter the right races and you’re great at your style of racing, you can make money. She just enjoys the time with her family, friends and the thrill of going 160 mph.

Mink hopes to pursue a full-time job as a construction manager once her youngest is old enough. 

Until then, Her three year old has shown an interest in drag racing, and she will hopefully be able to put both of her kids into the junior drag racing league. If both her kids start racing, Mink said she will take a break to help them begin their racing careers. 

Mink said, ¨I hope that it won’t be the end for me, and once they are a little older, I can start back up again.¨

During her time in high school, Mink did not have a set group of friends until her junior year. Instead,  she said she talked to everyone and never sat still. 

She participated in soccer and Future Farmers of America (FFA) as the historian then treasurer the following year. Mink said, ¨I wish I would have started FFA sooner as they are a family.¨ Despite a “late” start, she made friends in FFA that she still talks with daily and sees regularly. 

As a result, Mink’s advice to students is, ¨Do not be scared to join a group.¨