Fashion’s 90’s Comeback

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Fashion trends are all around us and ever changing; things that are popular this year may not be next. In this year of crazy, the popular styles seem to be very simple while resembling the past. 

Popular trends of now seem very similar to those that were popular in the 1990’s, especially the grunge aesthetic which is making a comeback and might just stay. 

Although teenagers of this century weren’t around in the 90’s, they almost embody the trends perfectly. Trends that have been noticed to make a comeback are: bike shorts, graphic, bucket hats, striped sweaters, and Doc Martens shoes. 

Bike shorts today and in the 90’s serve the same purpose, to look great and comfortable on the go! 

In the 90’s bike shorts were worn to cycling classes or purely for the look and comfort with a sweatshirt. Today, that is still the case. Bike shorts can be seen in yoga and cycling studios as well as in the city getting coffee.

 The comfortable spandex material makes the shorts easy to move in and be comfy while doing it and also hugs your body to show it off. It seems celebrity Kim Kardashian has brought bike shorts back in style. 

Another part of the 90’s grunge fashion was graphic tees. 

Tee’s worn back in the 90’s could’ve been images of bands, cartoons, shoes, or even brand logos. 

Today, we are still obsessed with  graphic tees. They could feature bands, artists or groups either current or past, cartoon characters, or logos of famous companies such as Vans or Coke-Cola. One difference is the 90’s tees were often seen with an unbuttoned flannel over the top. 

Over the summer, bucket hats became widely popular–again. Although the summer season is over, we are still seeing the hats worn. 

In the 1990’s, bucket hats could be seen on famous personalities such as Will Smith and young Jennifer Aniston. 

Today, bucket hats are seen in a variety of fun colors and patterns. The hats seem like a stylish way to remain cool and shady over the summer, or possibly keep your head warm during the winter. 

The 90’s saw an influx of striped sweaters–perhaps to embody the infamous horror character Freddie Krueger from “Nightmare on Elm Street.” The red and black striped sweater was definitely a key item that made the 90’s grunge look. 

Today, striped sweaters are worn in all different colors and patterns. The sweaters can either be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. One thing that seems consistent about the knit sweaters is the thick, horizontal stripes. The sweaters are warm and comfy, perfect for the fall and winter season and can be styled in many ways. 

During the 1990’s it seems like the footwear everyone was wearing were Doc Martens boots. Today, the well-known brand are worn by many. The signature yellow threading makes it hard not to be easily recognized. 

For modern style, the boots are made of many different materials and colors and come in many different styles. Any color and style can go with any outfit. In the 90’s, however, black high top boots seemed to be most common, the black boots contributed to making the dark, grunge look more complete. 

Many things may be different between now and the 1990’s such as technology, events and celebrities, and pandemics, but one thing that has stayed the same is the fashion! 

The grunge fashion look is one of my favorites, and it seems like many people would agree. Everyone today seems to be doing the trend justice and re-popularizing it.