Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

I believe New Year’s resolutions are important to an extent, but they only work if you commit to them.

I think they are important because it causes you to reflect on the past year and to think about what you want to change this year, according to  

Most people like to start the new year off with a clean slate and use this opportunity to set some goals.

In my opinion, the best goals are quitting a bad habit, such as smoking or trying to replace bad eating habits.

It is important to starting small with your resolutions so you can make sure they do happen.

There is a process to ensuring you keep up with your new year’s resolutions. The most important thing to do first is think about what you want to change about yourself this year.

Tracking your progress can be helpful as well to keep up with it because it makes you commit. Tracking progress can be as easy as writing down steps you’ve taken to reach your goal.

Resolutions can be very beneficial and helpful when done correctly.

On the other hand, I believe resolutions can be harmful and a waste of time if they’re done wrong.

According to, it is easy to set an unreasonable expectation for yourself. We spoke of this earlier, many people make outrageous resolutions or goals, which they’re bound to fail. You won’t drop 20 pounds in a month or all of a sudden start being outgoing if you’re more introverted.

Another major issue, according to, is motivation. It is a big part in making these resolutions real. If there’s no motivation, you most likely will not be able to fulfill your goal.

People may lack motivation because they don’t believe in themselves enough to succeed their goals.

Habits are another big factor in why resolutions are wasteful and do not succeed. Almost half of our actions are habit-based. It is very hard to break a habit, because you’re so used to the routine of it.

Due to the above two problems, reports that ninety percent of resolutions fail before the second half of the year.

Ultimately, while there are benefits to resolutions, I feel like they’re a waste of time. I didn’t even make a resolution this year. If you want to make one, okay, but if not, there’s nothing wrong with just starting a new year with a general hope for a better year. No resolution needed.